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Objective: to update and to make available lessons learned and best pan-European practices on HIV/AIDS prevention, harm reduction, and support especially with local health-service providers based in the new and future EU members states.

Main partners: AIDES/France (coordination), ARAS/Romania, BADZ Z NAMI/Poland, the Czech AIDS Help Society/Czech Republic, DIA+LOGS/Latvia, and the European networks: AIDS ACTION EUROPE, the European AIDS Treatment Group, and the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network.


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European Seminars
and related publications.

Bucarest, Romania
June 27-28, 2008


Youth and AIDS
A training and networking opportunity for young activists (from 18 to 30 years old) in the fields of HIV/AIDS prevention and support.

Research report by EHRN: " Young people and drug uses in central and eastern Europe": ENG

Seminar report: ENG

- The Blog AIDSTALK.RO was created following the seminar and contains all the presentations made and other usefull ressources.

- Initial announcement: link

Vilnius, Lithuania
November 24-25, 2007

HIV treatment for people who use drugs
in new EU member states, Eastern Europe and Central Asia
(organised by EATG & EHRN)
- Publication ARVs4IDUs: ENG - RU
- Seminar report: ENG
- Post-seminar announcement ENG-RU
- Initial call for participants: ENG

Prague, Czech Republic
March 8-11, 2007

HIV, work, and social issues
(organized by the Czech AIDS Help Society)

- Agenda and presentations: link
- Report: ENG


Prague, Czech Republic
November 24-26, 2006

Treatment Update
for People Living with HIV/AIDS
in the Central-East-European Region
(organized by EATG)

- Seminar report: ENG
- Presentations: link

As follow-up publications, EATG translated into the local languages of central european countries the guidebook "HIV Basics / Treatment training for advocates" initially produced by the NGO HIV i-Base (
PDF format:
Croatian / Czech / Polish / Romanian / Serbian / Slovak
(Reference: original text in English).

Rynia, Poland
June 26-30, 2006

Quality of Life
for People living with HIV/AIDS
(organized by BADZ Z NAMI & SIEC PLUS)

- Seminar report: ENG
- Follow-up publication: POL - RU - ENG

Riga, Latvia
November 10-13, 2005

Facing management challenges
for HIV/AIDS prevention and support NGOs in new and future EU member states
(organized by DIA+LOGS)

- Seminar report: ENG
- Presentations / Additional info: link

- Follow-up publication:

Great NGO management
in 37 minutes
and 20 seconds!



Vilnius, Lithuania
March 10-11, 2006

Hepatitis C and Drug Use
in the New EU Member States
and Neighborhood
(organized by EHRN, formelly known as CEEHRN)

- Seminar report: ENG - RU

- Recommendations: ENG - RU
- Fact Sheets: ENG - RU
- Report on situation, guidelines and recommendations
ENG - RU (2-page report announcement)
- Presentation at the International Harm Reduction Conference in Warsaw, in May 2007: Powerpoint in English

Bucharest, Romania
November 10-13, 2005

Sustainable Health Services
for Vulnerable Groups

(organized by ARAS)

- Seminar report: ENG
- Presentations: ZIP File
- Follow-up publication:
for the implementation of HIV/AIDS prevention services: ENG - RO - RU


Paris, France
October 6-8, 2005

Women: facing HIV in our wider Europe
Promoting community-based approaches
(organized by AIDES)

- Seminar report: ENG
- Presentations / Additional info: link
- Call for action: FR - ENG - RU - POL
- Poster presented at the World AIDS Conference in August 2007 in Toronto: ENG

- Adaptation and translation into Polish of the guide originally designed by ICW, the International Community of Women living with HIV (89 pages including fact sheets): POL

Note: the call for action on Women and HIV also was presented at the 1st Eastern European and Central Asian AIDS Conference (EECAAC) in Moscow in May 2006.



Mission Reports / Other

Cyprus (July 2008)
Slovakia (January 2007)
Slovenia (June 2006)
Turkey (October 2005)
Bulgaria (October 2005)

European Nordic regional HIV/AIDS NGOs meeting (organized by DIA+LOGS on October 3-4, 2008 in Riga, Latvia) - Report.

Facing HIV/AIDS in Central and Eastern Europe
- Original version in English (March 2004)
- French version (updated in June 2007)




to the European Union!

Poster presented at the World AIDS Conference in Mexico, August 2008



Women facing HIV
Improving EU's responses to HIV

Posters presented at the World AIDS Conference in Toronto, August 2006


The AIDS ACTION & INTEGRATION 2005-2008 Projects are funded primarily by DG SANCO of the European Commission, AIDES individual private donors, and numerous other funding organisations including the Open Society Institute, the Fondation de France, the French Ambassies in Lithuania, Poland, and Romania, GSK positive action and Roche.


Note: The sole responsibility for these publications lies with the authors and that the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.




Integration of Standard Approaches to Fight Emerging Risks
for Intraveinous Drug Users

A joint by AIDES (France), AIDSi-Tugikeskus (Estonia), ARAS (Romania), and the Finnish AIDS Council to promote and to streamline evidence-based Harm Reduction Strategies for Drug Users in Romania and in Estonia (funded primarily by DG ENLARGEMENT of the European Commission), implemented between May 2003 to July 2005.


- Project report as submitted to the European Commission
- Report of the survey in Estonia
- Report of the survey in Romania

Safer-IDUs Newsletters :























Integration of NGOs based in Central and Eastern Europe
in the European Mobilisation against AIDS

Final report - as submitted to the European Commission

Czech Republic - Estonia - Hungary - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland (FR)

Report: "Situation Analysis and Action Plan on HIV/AIDS in Central, Eastern Europe and Central Asia", produced by Arnaud W. SIMON for the 1st Open Forum on HIV/AIDS in Europe in March 2004. ENG

Documentary: "Breaking the Curve / Fighting AIDS in Estonia and Russia" (2003)
More Info - Watch it online: revver /